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Fresh tea of the season three times a year
First Flush 2012
Autumnal Flush 2011
Second Flush 2011
Orthodox Type
Orthodox Type
Orthodox Type
It is harvested following the spring rains. The color is very light and gentle. With a floral earthy flavor, it is mildly astringent. Its popular with those who prefer a less sweeter brew.
This tea is harvested after the monsoon. Its flavor is less delicate and the spicy tones are subdued, but has a fuller body with darker color. The extraordinary combination of musky flavor and tangy aroma make it an invigorating drink.

How to purchase our teas
After you have decided which of our teas you would like to buy, just email us your requirement. As we only sell fresh seasonal produce and try not to carry any stock, it is important to first verify that what you require is available with us. If we are able to accept your order, we shall revert with the terms of purchase including those related to the price and the payments.
Please feel free to contact us. Just drop us an email to our following address and we shall try to get back to you at the earliest instance possible:
How to make your payments
Our sales and marketing operations being based in Japan, you will be required to remit your payments to our bank in Japan. The details shall be made available to you at the time of the purchase.
Delivery of your purchased orders
Following are the ways in which your purchase will be delivered to you depending on the quantity of your purchase:

1. Courier. This is the most cost effective means for consignments of up to 45 kg. We normally use EMS but you are welcome to specify the courier of your choice. This will be a delivery to your doorsteps.

2. Air Cargo. It will be far less expensive than sending by courier for consignments of over 45 kg. You will be responsible to receive the consignment from the airlines at the port of arrival and to clear the customs. Its a common practice to have clearing agents to do this work and you might want to follow this example.

3. Ship. This is the least expensive option for cargo over 500 kg. Just as with air freight, you or your agent will be responsible to clear the consignment through the customs of your country.

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